Silo 2.1.1

3D modeling application


  • Very powerful
  • Ideal for game developers and architects


  • Too difficult for beginners


Silo 2 is an extremely accomplished and complex 3D modeling application that is able to switch between what the developers call "high-polygon models" to "controlling hard-edged surfaces."

For anyone new to 3D modeling, this won't mean much and working out how to use Silo will be a job in itself. Silo can be used for creating anything from 3D characters for video games and movies to exploring 3D architectural ideas. So it's great for those developing games or those that are involved in interior design or construction.

This is no user-friendly product, though. It's designed for developers and designers who really know what they're doing as Silo is used at top design studios and professional 3D modelers. However, it's not as complex as something like 3D Studio Max because it's a much smaller package and it does come with extensive documentation to get you started.

You can create some stunning 3D graphics and models with Silo but if you're new to the genre, don't expect to learn it in a hurry.



Silo 2.1.1

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    Great software for beginners, powerful enough to be used by professionals..
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